Almost every woman wants to lose weight and get in shape. Due to this, numerous women make the decision to start dieting, without any basic idea of what they are doing. In order to lose weight and remain healthy, you need to have a specific plan in your mind. Eating healthy does not come naturally to most people. With junk-foods easily available, it becomes difficult to resist cravings. However, there are certain health tips for women focused on their diet and food intake.

 Use All Your Senses 

It is important to understand that we eat with all our senses, including eyes, nose and taste buds. Packaging, serving and glassware also affect the amount of food we eat. If you’re eating from an over-sized plate, you are likely to eat atleast 20% more without even realising it. Therefore, switching from a 35-centimetre plate to a 30-centimetre plate will be a good idea.

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 Eat Slowly

Basically, your brain needs some time to catch up with your stomach. Most of the time, women eat when they are in a hurry, such as while driving, using their smartphones or in a bus ride to work. You need to develop a mealtime mantra. For instance, start taking your lunch in a park or make a habit of using a table to sit down while eating your food. You will start eating healthy in some time.

Don’t Starve Yourself 

 womens health looking good nakedMost women make one major mistake while trying to stay healthy. They think that dieting is all about skipping meals and going hungry. However, this can have a huge impact on women’s health. You may suffer from headaches, blood sugar may drop and tempers may rise. If you want to eat healthy, you need to eat regular meals. Just cut down your sugar and calorie intake. Eat healthy foods, but don’t starve yourself. This is one of the most important health tips for women.

 Use Vegetables to Fill Your Stomach 

 Plant foods, especially vegetables, are your true health protectors. Most women don’t realize that it’s easy to trick your mind into thinking that it does not want any more food as the plate is already full. When you eat, fill your plate with healthy vegetables. It will trick your mind into thinking that you are eating a satisfying serving. Thus, you will not add extra calories to your diet.

 Use Healthy Oils  

 Most people understand the ill-effects of  ‘bad’ fats, but don’t realise the positive effects of good ones. Essential good fats are healthy and provide many health benefits. Healthy eating is not just about removing fats from your diet. It is about switching from ‘bad’ fats to ‘good’ fats. You need to favour healthy oils over butter, which may be high in saturated fat.

 Use Herbs and Spices 

 Herbs and spices add more flavour to your food. Moreover, they also have antioxidant properties. Some herbs and spices are known to increase your immunity, boost your metabolism and control blood sugar. The best part is that herbs and spices moderate your use of salt and thus, help improve bone health and lower blood pressure.


 Last but not the least, it’s important to exercise regularly. This is one of the most effective health tips for women. You can’t just afford to be lazy and sit back on your couch. It’s important to indulge yourself in some physical activity. There’s no need to perform vigorous exercises. Even a walk in the park or handling house chores can keep you health. Running is great but it gave me a problem with a sore big toe joint!


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